Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stephanie Matson: “Suicide Bomb at a Volleyball Match in North Western Pakistan”

The pearl slips through
Wrinkled finger pads.
Water flowers over the bedrock
Which contours limbs
To mold my pearl
Melting away.
The coal I had saved for you.
A reversed Vandenbergh effect
Set up in my mind;
Saying hello to Eddie Haskell
As I drive down Cornell.

When your medication decreased
I prayed for an eddy.
For Riff Raff and Magenta
As our lips sat peeled back
Like the skin of a fruit.
Prayed for an abyss which would take me away
From the hallucinations which made you cry
From the stickers of your faded emblem
When I needed you most.

Well, it's the fractions in our heads—
The analogous mental disorders—
That I thought would lead to our fusion.
But I fed off of your suffering,
And deteriorated to spite your recovery.
Holding to you as a leach
Looking for warm blood
From a lizard.

These were the days when I was better off dead
Air pressure not strong enough to offer suction
To swallow the last bit of liquid
Needed to satisfy my thirst to obtain,
For my catalyst had long since evaporated