Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peter William Stein: “The End”

The end is near
The end of the world

The end of us
Or maybe just me

Mass destruction of society
The death of an ego that thinks it is the world

She will be fine
Nothing she hasn’t endured before
She has boiled with fiery skin
She has hibernated under mountains of ice
Her seed is still at the bottom of the sea
And we are a dead branch of Darwin
That will someday fall
And decay into fuel for the roots
That will build another limb

What we call Nuclear Holocaust
She calls chemotherapy
This greenhouse we are building
Will lead to little green fingers
Cracking and pulling pavement apart
Ivy entwining skyscrapers
And the emergence of a new metropolis
With canopy trees and prehensile tailed tenants
Organic beast ripping the urban machine to shreds

This process is not evil
She does not hate us
It is only survival
And we are to be recycled into samsara

It is no surprise that I will die
And so will the WE,
And someday she too will break through
This mortal plane as fuel for a sun
Expanding too rapidly for its own good