Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joyce Lautens O'Brien: "September 27, 2001"

Everything will be all right I tell myself
At first I couldn’t sleep it hurt couldn’t

everything was changed nothing
the same ever again men weeping
on television in full public view too
awful for words lives buildings peace
everything normal gone forever ground
to gritty dust and ash but sixteen days after
flags flying a resurgence of hope I laugh
with friends take Giuliani’s advice and
spend I buy a watch I had my eye on

a luxury item gold plated with Roman numerals
to mark the hours I check my portfolio down
but not too much not too much to bear
and the economy improving by the second
by the second quarter no doubt back up
to speed people flying through the air just
like they used to no cares in the world
everything the way it was what lies
we tell ourselves
what lies ahead

(this piece first appeared in Connecticut River Review)