Thursday, June 9, 2011

Doug Draime: "Now That You Are Gone"

                  for Beth

The fact that we can receive
and transmit
music and voices through the air
amazes me. Everything amazes me! 
That life goes on amazes me. Your body
is under the
earth now. Molecules still expand
and contract. People are still at
war: the couple up front are still
trying to
kill each other. Children born innocent
still have a chance, if they don’t
accept it all. You are gone. Wall
Street goes on. Flowers grow. 
They still pick up the garbage. Evil
people who should have died
long ago still suck blood. 
It all amazes me! My love
for you and your love
for me always amazed me. 
And I pray your spirit
finds rest from
the world that killed
What I want to know is where can I offer
myself up? What mountain do I climb? 

(This piece appeared earlier in Northwest Magazine)