Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doug Draime: "The Earth Is Exploding Where Lawrence Of Arabia Once Slept” and “Trip to Nowhere”

The Earth Is Exploding Where Lawrence Of Arabia Once Slept

where he fought
and fornicated

where he turned
his heart to blowing sand

blood lust
running through

his aristocratic veins

his blue eyes full of
the murderous


Trip to Nowhere

Where I found answers I
could not find questions
for. The middle was not
in the middle but off
to the right side, positioned
like an open grave. Voices
spoke In English making
no grammatical sense. I
grabbed hold of
the edge
of something freezing and fierce, 
which took off all my flesh up
to my elbow. There was no moon
or sun or stars or sky
only rain and movement all
around me like
speeding trains on
rusty tracks. No entrance, no
exit, no way of telling light
from dark. My bones
broke like pencils
against monolithic structures everywhere
I turned
and everywhere was nowhere
and somewhere was slaughtered with
no purpose and no direction. 
Suddenly there was a sound like
of breaking windows, 
smashing in echo chambers
over and over. I knew then, somehow, I had broken
through and that my bones would
heal, I would form new skin on
my arm, and the questions were something
in the middle once again. The moon, the
sun, the stars and the sky were
there too.

("Trip to Nowhere" was previously published in Ken*Again, 2008)