Friday, May 6, 2011

AE Reiff: "Pony"

blind in Britain,
got rights in Europe
with Ape,

registered to vote
in condos,
places were pending
in Spain.

When Kafka's animals
 the citizen
obsessed about it
like a dog,

the thing that’s not,
the mole that’s not,
the mine that’s not,
the ice foe's not.

Dots comphrending
to the end
of Pit ponies,
deep in their belief,
showed Kafka’s
animals were men.


When red tail
fomentin' lemurs
clung the wall
of Solzhenitsyn’s

pit gerbils
down on the floor
below were shocked
to octopeds.

To break
the boundaries
of all that’s not,
these monsters,
deep at traffic stops,

ate Borges
 under coats of fur,
 because the eagle spaniel
Solzhenitsyn men,
were animals.


Down in "The Burrow"
electric lights
detached pulsed
from their heads.

To give those animals
rights we sought
we give up
the ones we did.

we  brought
the black carp up
the Mississippi Derrida,
and borrowed safe mine
ponies like snails,
to pull empires
 big as whales.