Thursday, February 17, 2011

Marge Simon: "When the Moon Explodes"

They’d planned to tour Greece this summer, but now that’s out.
They put the last of their pot in the Ford pickup, take I-95 to Daytona. 
It’s Vera’s idea.  She says she wants watch the moon explode.

“Do you remember when we got this high?” Vera says.
“Crazy times, the seventies,” her friend agrees. 
She wipes the hair from her eyes.
Tonight they walk along the sand. Moonlight makes divinity of the fog. 
There is a sudden rush of wind and colors that are not colors
but multiples of blue and silver. The sea is on their lips 
and the whole white night sings aloud.

Vera laughs and steps into the waves, extends her hand. 
"You’ve not enough strength. Take mine.”